2024 Solo
2024 Solo
2024 Solo
Crossover / All-Terrain / Multi-Purpose

2024 Solo


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Who It's For:

The solo is built for riders who shred in all disciplines of the sport. From park to wake, winch to truck, if it can be ridden or slidden, the Solo will get it done with ease. Wake riders, jibbers and senders will all feel at home on the solo in a matter of seconds.

Package Includes:
2024 Solo Board, .75 x 6" (1.9 x 15.2 cm) Wake Fins (4)

2024 Solo - Crossover / All-Terrain / Multi-Purpose

The Design Difference

The Solo is one of Slingshot's most versatile boards suited for multiple categories and riding styles from boat to cable. It's flex tips are excellent for locking into deep presses on obstacles, while the basic rail channels through the center of the base and stiffer belly deliver the traction and pop necessary to boost off the wake. The Solo also features a narrower outline than our other wakeboards, making it the obvious choice for any sudden slalom challenges.

Atomic Wood Core

Single-Shot Fusion Sidewalls

Carbon Bedrock Inserts

Ballistic Base

Three-Stage Rocker Profile

Signature Flex Tips

Belly Channels