2024 Coalition
2024 Coalition
2024 Coalition
Park / Tech / Style

2024 Coalition


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Who It's For:

Stylish park riders with a heavy focus on rail riding and creative new approaches/lines in the park. For those with skinny stances, tracksuits, one-of-a-kind hairstyles, and more, the coalition may just be your DREAM tradition twin tip.

Package Includes:
2024 Coalition Wakeboard

2024 Coalition - Park / Tech / Style

The Design Difference

The Coalition is more or less the gold standard of cable wakeboards with a magical outline, tip shape, and rocker combo that delivers endless amounts of grins in the park. The Coalition was the first board in the industry to feature chined rails, allowing the board to slide across uneven surfaces like butter and also equates to a looser, more playful feel on the water and is perfect for mastering the art of the "butter". Over the seasons the board has evolved into larger size offerings, ranging from 137 cm up to 161 cm, and also features additional inserts enabling riders to make their stance extra skinny for that new-age look and feel and featuring custom art by Wesley Mark Jacobsen of the Space Mob.

Atomic Wood Core

Single-Shot Fusion Sidewalls

Carbon Bedrock Inserts

Ballistic Base

Hybrid Rocker Profile

Chined Rails

Additional 5th Insert