Joystick V1
Joystick V1
Light / Minimal / Control

Joystick V1


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Who It's For:

Lightwind foil enthusiasts who dream about a minimalistic bar that is specifically optimized for the performance demands of kite foiling.

Package Includes:
Joystick V1 20" Control Bar, Short Freeride Leash, 18m Lines, 4m Extensions, Quick Release Small Loop

Joystick V1 - Light / Minimal / Control

The Design Difference

Without a depower cleat, the Joystick has Infinite Throw: the largest range of throw on any control bar ever built. With 50% more range than a traditional control bar, the Joystick provides maximum depower for complete freedom of movement on foil or surf. The Joystick has the SureShot Click-In Safety System, which sets the standard for dependability and ease of use. The ultra-thin 22mm diameter bar and Variable FlyTech Lines combine to deliver reduced weight and amplify foil and surf performance where a kite's nimble handling and efficient drift are critical. The Joystick comes with 18-meter lines and four-meter extensions, allowing the rider to quickly customize the line lengths to meet their riding style, kite size, and conditions.

SureShot Quick Release

Infinite Throw

Variable FlyTech Lines

22mm Bar Diameter

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