Ghost V3
Ghost V3
Ghost V3
Ghost V3
Easy / Shred Everything / All Board Types

Ghost V3


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Who It's For:

Riders who are looking for a stress-free "Sheet and Go" session with good upwind, easy relaunch, and performance that can match any board or riding style. Twin tip, surfboards, or foil.

Package Includes:
Ghost V3 Kite, Kite Bag, Bladder Patch Kit

Ghost V3 - Easy / Shred Everything / All Board Types

The Design Difference

The Ghost V3 is a one-strut modern-era kite design that features all-new kite geometry. This new shape and profile, combined with a single strut, has ushered in a new era of upwind reach, response, easy handling, and relaunch.


New Single Luff-Strut Construction

4x4 Canopy Tech

TrimFlight Bridle

Compact Swept C Canopy

One -Strut Airframe

Rider Customization System (RCS)

One Pump Speed System