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How to Dock Start

We caught up with Slingshot Rider JP Tron at the Slingshot HQ in Hood River for a quick dock start clinic. In this video JP walks us through the basics of dock starting and makes it look substantially easier than it actually is. We have summarized some of the key takeaways below.

How to Dock Start:

  1. Find a dock with the correct height.

Starting on a dock that is the correct height is imperative to your success. Find a dock with enough space for a run up that is not too high but not too low. Around knee height is perfect.

  1. Use a suitable board.

Using the correct gear makes all the difference, a small, stiff, durable board is ideal such as our Puddle Pumper V1.

  1. The bigger the foil the better.

The bigger the foil the easier your dock start journey will be. A bigger foil creates more lift at slower speeds. We recommend a foil with a 1300 cm2 surface area or larger. This recommendation will vary depending on the rider size. Smaller riders can go with a smaller surface area and larger riders will want more surface area. We recommend the following foils depending on weight and personal preference: E1090, E990, and G1000.

  1. Shorten your mast length.

Shorter masts are easier to pump, and longer masts are often easier to jump on a greater range of docks. We recommend either a 72 or 82 length mast.

  1. Start with your back foot first, softly.

Jump on the board with your back foot first, closely followed by your front foot to avoid the foil stalling. Try to jump onto the board as gently as possible.

  1. Keep the foil close to surface of the water.

Try to keep the foil close to the surface to get the most glide. The closer your foil is to the surface, the less mast you have in the water and therefore the less drag you have. Less drag means faster foil rides.

  1. Perseverance and practice.

Dock starting is NOT easy! It can take 100’s of attempts to learn so be patient and keep trying. It will make it a lot easier if you have some foiling experience before attempting to dock start. If you have access, try practicing behind a boat first.

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