Mothership V4 5'6"
Classic / Fluid / Soul

Mothership V4 5'6"


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Who It's For:

Nostalgic surfers looking to score style points above all. The Mothership is a slow, smooth and fluid carver that can go deep to the back of the wave and recover with ease for surfers who really want to explore the full wavelength.

Package Includes:
Mothership V4 Board, 6" (15.24 CM) longboard fin.

Mothership V4 5'6" - Classic / Fluid / Soul

The Design Difference

This single-fin sled is built for kicking back and focusing on smooth, fluid turns from rail to rail. With a pintail and surplus of deck space in the front, consider it an open invitation to explore the front end of the board and even wrap a few toes around the nose! The added surface area makes dropping deep into the back of the wave a breeze, giving you more space to express yourself in classic longboard fashion! If you've never surfed a single fin, prepare for a whole new outlook on the beauty of surfing's simplest maneuvers. Let the challenge to Hang Five begin! The Mothership makes the simple things more enjoyable and automatically grants you additional style points. Kick back, relax, and enjoy your smoothest turns to date!

Full Corduroy EVA Deck Pad

Dual Step-Down Rail Channels

Longboard Keel Fin

Fast Rocker Line

Large Surface Area

Pin Tail Design

Mild Nose Rocker