GROM EverShred
GROM EverShred
GROM EverShred
GROM EverShred
GROM EverShred
GROM EverShred
Strapped / Open Toe / Youth

GROM EverShred


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Who It's For:

Young and aspiring wakeboarders seeking the most comfortable boots that are simple to put on and take off. Gummy Straps can be interchanged with ease to create a new look/color profile that keeps the kids stoked on the "look" as well.

Package Includes:
Grom EverShred Boots, set of Gummy Straps, standard boot mounting hardware

GROM EverShred - Strapped / Open Toe / Youth

The Design Difference

The Grom EverShred boot is a smaller and more simplified version of our popular Option Boot. With years of experience, this open-toe design is meant to accommodate a larger range of foot sizes, be quick and easy to get in/out of, and, most importantly, offer the perfect blend of support and comfort your grom needs to carry full confidence into the wake or obstacles. Featuring the Gummy Strap Closure system and a bottomless base, the fit is comfortable yet secure, and the connection between the boot and board is as direct as it gets!

Bottomless Base System

Gummy Strap Closure System

Built-In J Bars

3D-Molded Tongue