Gremlin V4
Quick / Nimble / Pop

Gremlin V4


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Who It's For:

Intermediate to Advanced wakesurfers with proper wakesurfing boats and wave heights who want to hit the lip with more power and catch air over top of the lip.

Package Includes:
Gremlin V4 Wakesurfer, 3.9" FCSII fins (2), Slingshot 2" cheater center fin

Gremlin V4 - Quick / Nimble / Pop

The Design Difference

The Gremlin is a bottom-turning, lip-smashing, air-popping party animal with a name that suits it. Built in our premium XR Construction, this board is feather-light for that super responsive feel you crave. The Gremlin was built to shred as a twin fin but with an optional "cheater" or "nub" fin in the back center for those who prefer a little more grip. We've surfed a lot of boat waves over the years, and there's something about this progressive new shape combined with growing wave heights that has us asking for "just one more" every time we hit the lake.

Corduroy EVA Deck Pad

Customizable Fin Configurations

Quad Step Down Rail Channels

Carbon Matrix Overlay

Cheater Center Fin