Unlock carving, flagging out on swell, and pumping from wave to wave.


Balance | Efficiency | Stability | Ease of Use

Foiling is a means to harness the energy of oceans, lakes, or rivers. The wing is simply the vehicle to harness the wind and get you into position to unlock that energy. Once you are in position and harness that energy, you enter the Glide Zone. This is where, you, the rider unlock the foil's glide potential. This glide becomes the obsession, whether while flagging out your wing, carving, pumping, or getting your first jibes. The more your foil glides, the more in tune with the water you are. We have tailored products to help you get to the glide zone. These products have been designed with 4 key characteristics in mind: Balance, Efficiency, Stability, and Ease of use. The 4 characteristics you need to enter the Glide Zone

The Glide Zone Collection

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G 900/710 Lower Package V1