Impact XR V1

Carve / Performance / Surf




Impact XR V1

Carve / Performance / Surf

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The all-new Impact XR is the choice for true wave performance.

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Package Includes:

Impact XR V1 board, FCSII Reactor Tri-Fin setup

Impact XR V1

Carve / Performance / Surf

Impact XR V1

Carve / Performance / Surf

Our new Impact XR kite surfboard is a full-power, pedal-to-the-metal board, built to shred a clean wall of swell to pieces. Thanks to its narrower, pulled-in outline and squash tail, the Impact XR is right at home when the waves get big and powerful. Thanks to the Impact's fast planing hull, the board rockets upwind on rail, getting you back to the top of the peak faster. Then take one step back with your back foot and the board is ready to dissect. The Impact has tons of hold and drive off the bottom, which helps set up and allows for radical hard craving turns off the top. If you're looking for a high-confidence board for charging when the waves get juicy, look no further than the Impact!

Why We Made It

The Impact XR has been designed to excel in true surf conditions. From your home break to Cloud Break, the Impact is a freak of nature.


Why You'll Love It

  • XR Construction—the best blend of durability and weight, providing a true surfboard feel
  • The best board we make for true surf-style riding
  • Modern squash tail provides pivot-like turning response

New Modern Squash Tail

NEW Thruster Fin Configuration

XR Construction

Uni-Directional Carbon Stringer

3k Carbon Rail Savers

FCS II Reactor Fins

More tech.