2023 Foil Lineup

Designed to be ridden hard and fast, the PTM series wings are the pinnacle of high-aspect efficiency. These wings offer minimal drag and incredible top-speed. VIEW THE PTM SERIES
With a medium- to high-aspect shape that still has plenty of low-end get up and go, our G Series wings are all about maximizing drive, glide, and pump efficiency. VIEW THE G SERIES
Built to cruise, our medium-aspect E Series wings make foiling easy across multiple sport categories by getting you up on foil early with confidence inspiring stability. VIEW THE E SERIES
Designed for progression and ease of use, the lower-aspect PFI Series wings have downturned wingtips for safety, reliable pitch/roll stability, and built-in downforce shaping. VIEW THE PFI SERIES
Featuring a unique high-performance mid-aspect shape that gives it limitless speed, agility, maneuverability, and carving performance, the PFH Series wings are the favorite of our world champion kite foiler, Fred Hope. VIEW THE PFH SERIES