Women's Wakeboarding Reaching New Heights Thanks to the Copycatsclub



Spearheaded by Slingshot team rider and women’s wakeboarding ambassador Sina Fuchs Jacobsen, the club's only "requirement” for membership is a passion for the progression of women’s wakeboarding. While it’s still only in its infancy, the Copycatsclub has undoubtedly helped progress the sport around the globe and given female riders of all ages a new sense of inspiration and belonging. From winching in the streets to boosting in the

park, and even riding the liquid tabletops on lakes all over, these cats know no bounds and virtually always land on their feet. To say we like what we see is a complete understatement, which is why we approached Sina with the idea of creating a product line around the movement. To be clear, the Copycatsclub is far more than a board and or a pair of boots, and we are proud to be a part of it and thrilled to see the club grow and expand to inspire female riders everywhere.

"Copycatsclub is the heartbeat of women's wakeboarding culture. It's filled a void that's been empty for wakeboarding since the beginning of the sport. A non-exclusive, exclusive club that celebrates the inclusion and progression of all women around the globe!"

-The Space Mob

"Copycatsclub is a platform for all women that wakeboard, and it's completely changing the narrative. We started off not being fully represented, and now we have a place to be represented exactly how we want..."

-Anna Nikstad

Copycatclub board

The Copycat Pro Board is the ultimate park board for hardcore female cable riders. Combining all the best features of boards like the Coalition and Valley, this board is fast and free on the water, and has a medium-soft flex pattern intended to deliver "all the feels" at all the right times.

Copycat Boots are the first of their kind from Slingshot: park-specific wake boot for the ladies with removable/walkable liners. Gummy Strap closure and styling fit for Queens.

Want more? Watch the Copycats in the streets from their 2022 release "sewer cats"