Victor Salmon Presents "Plastic Jungle"

"I spent 6 days in Thailands Burriram jungle with some of my best friends at this insane totally private backyard wake park which belongs to Marcus Rommel the owner of Stax obstacles. Only a handful of us have had the chance to ride this private wakeboard park alongside Daniel Grant, so with it being a little secret and being made just like a floating skatepark I thought this was gonna be the perfect spot to film a video project that I have been making in my head over the past years. As soon as I got to the spot on the first day of filming I realized this place was paradise, huge pool, beautiful house, cannabis farm and this insane private 2.0 set up all in one place deep in the jungles of Thailand far from civilization! we spent an amazing 6 days filming, partying and eating some of the best Thai food I have ever had in the 20 years of living in Thailand. This video presents who I am and how I like to wakeboard and pretty much sums up what an ideal wakeboard session/ setup would be for me to have fun. this was the most fun I've ever had working on a project and I couldn't be happier with the outcome, I hope y'all love it! thanks for watching!"

-Victor Salmon