Tracker vs. LTF vs. I-Fly – A Guide to Slingshot’s Inflatable Wing Board Line

"Winging and wing foiling are seeing exponential growth and interest, and one of the questions we get the most is: “What type of wing board should I get? Hard or Inflatable?” Good questions! If size (needs to fit in your car) or weight (need to be able to affordably fly with it), or you are just learning (need a board that progresses with you), then inflatable winging and wing foiling boards have a few key benefits over traditional hard boards:
  • Packs down for convenient travel
  • Exceptionally lightweight for their volume
  • Ding-proof durability
From advanced riders to day-one beginners to a family looking for a fun watersport for everyone, there’s an inflatable wing board for you. But how do you choose the right one? Check out this simple guide and video to our three inflatable winging and wing foiling boards and you’ll dial into the best option for you. See you on the water!

Tracker: The Multi-Sport Tool

If you want to be able to paddle, windsurf, and build your basic skills with a wing, the Tracker is the way to go. The Tracker’s seven-foot length makes for easy SUP paddling (three-piece paddle included) while it still packs down small and light enough to hike it into scenic locations. It has a threaded insert to attach a windsurf sail and its sUPWINDer keel fin makes it great for light-wind cruising. The stable 220L volume makes it easy to master the basics of staying upwind with a handheld wing. If you are looking for one board the whole family will love, the Tracker is for you.


LTF (Learn to Fly): Rapid Progression from Fin to Foil

The LTF was designed (as its Learn To Fly name suggests) to take you quickly and safely from your first day using a handheld wing with fins to your first flight on a hydrofoil. Its wide and compact outline provides maximum stability with a lightweight TPU construction that makes carrying your kit a breeze. The LTF comes with two rear fins and a center keel fin that helps the novice rider stay upwind and master their basic winging skills. Then when you are ready to fly, just attach your foil to the stiff carbon bottom plate and you are ready for your first flights. If you can only fit one wing board on the plane for your next trip, the LTF will get the whole family on the water no matter their skill level.

LTF Fin to Foil


The I-Fly is a full-performance inflatable wing foiling board that knows now limits. With sizing from 140L down to 90L, there is an I-Fly size for every level of rider. The extended foil tracks allow for the perfect placement of any foil from any brand. The footstrap insert allow for either offset front foot or tri-straps, paving the way for advanced maneuvers and another level of control. The I-Fly is the compact travel board for rider looking for ultimate packable performance.

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