The Javelin: Inside the design of our wing foil boom wing

The Javelin boom wing delivers unmatched control with a compact wingspan and simple, secure push-pin boom connection. Featuring our innovative Canopy Tensioning Strap, the Javelin provides the rider with on-the-fly power tuning. Choose between the Adjustable Carbon Boom, a two-piece boom that packs down for traveling and fits all sizes 2.5-7.5, and the one-piece, reduced-diameter Javelin Pro Fixed Carbon Boom that comes in two sizes. Available in 2.5//3.0//3.5//4.0//4.5//5.0//5.5//6.0//6.5//7.5M sizing.

The Design Difference

The Javelin is our new boom wing that's been designed to give the rider ultimate control via the full-length carbon boom. The boom gives the rider a direct feel and offers a stabilizing/anchor point to balance around. Additionally, the boom takes away the need for handle hunting or looking for where to grab the wing. Gripping anywhere on the boom will provide forward traction and each rider can adopt their hand position to their desired comfort and performance level. The Javelin is built around a compact frame, which helps keep the wingtips out of the water while water starting and makes the wing easy to maneuver even in larger sizes.

Performance and Handling Benefits of the Boom

The boom gives the rider direct and precise control over the wing's angle of attack. This control allows you to adjust the power and trim of the wing instantaneously. This is handy during tacks, jibes, carving 360s, and other surface/aerial maneuvers.

The boom allows riders to adjust their hand placements and upper torso geometry. You will find that you can hold the boom in several different locations, reducing your overall riding fatigue and allowing you to maximize efficient upwind angles. This group adjustment will enable you to achieve efficient, comfortable, toeside-riding body positions. Additionally, you can fine-tune your harness line perfectly to the central pull of the wing because the harness line can adjust anywhere along the length of the boom. 

The boom eliminates handle hunting. This makes swell riding, switching hands, tacking, and jibing effortless and easy. No more hoping you grab the correct handle in the right location. You may also find yourself quickly grabbing the boom with one hand for a burst of speed between swells.

Performance and Handling Benefits of Canopy Tensioning Strap

The Canopy Tensions Strap distributes the canopy wind load into the boom, keeping the wing extra stiff.

The Canopy Tensions Strop also allows for on-the-fly user adjustment. When you pull the strap in tight, it removes shape from the profile, flattening it. This takes some power away from the wing, effectively "de-powering" the wing. This makes a big difference in the top end of the wing, giving the rider more range in each given size.

The Javelin Wing and Boom Options:

Our Javelin boom wing comes in window and non-window versions with full-size ranges of 2.5M to 7.5M. The boom also comes in two options. 

The Javelin Adjustable Carbon Boom is a 31mm-diameter, EVA-wrapped, full carbon two-piece boom that snaps together using simple, secure push-pins. This allows one boom to fit all sizes of Javelins from 2.5M to 7.5M. 

There's also the Javelin Pro Fixed Carbon Boom with a 25mm grip diameter, designed for riders with smaller hands or those venturing into cold water with thick gloves. This boom comes in two fixed sizes, one for 4.0M and smaller and the other for 4.5M and larger sizes. The Javelin Pro Fixed Carbon Booom offers the least fatiguing performance for those looking for a more minimal diameter boom.

How Do You Install the Javelin Boom

Installing the boom is extremely easy. Simply push in the push-pin connections and slide the boom into the female end cap on the leading-edge of the wing. Repeat on the trailing-edge side and inflate your wing. This is the fastest and cleanest boom connection of any wing. GET THE JAVELIN NOW