FIELD REPORT: Summer of SLING 2024

FIELD REPORT: Summer of SLING 2024

The SUMMER of SLING worldwide demo tour is nearly a wrap and the vibes are at an all-time high! Wakeparks are where Slingshot Wake lives and breathes, where our future product inspiration comes from, and where we thrive on the good vibes that result from however many laps our arms can handle. With visits to over 50 parks already there are just 4 stops left here in the USA. It's been incredible connecting with so many cable park owners, staff members, local legends, team riders from around the globe and more.

If you've joined us at a wakepark along the way we THANK YOU for your support and look forward to seeing you again somewhere soon.

-Jeff McKee / Wake Marketing Manager


From Europe: 

"5000km of driving, 38 test stops, 38 Currywurst Pommes, 100 beers and ♾️ good memories later, our test tour is officially complete. Thanks to all the team riders who travelled to join, all the cables who welcomed us so warmly and every single person coming out there, testing, hanging out, and making this trip unforgettable." 

-Luca Glinski /  EU Wake Sales & Marketing

" For me was going to cables I never been in Germany and seeing communities having the best time. Doesn’t matter how good you ride or how old you are. Cables packed with features you never heard anything of them. Amazing beach bars and good vibes everywhere. Wakepark Rulfsdorf by Berlin has an amazing camping ground and a techno scene. Poster over poster about party events at the cable. But at the end I was two years not in Germany seeing all my old friends felt like being home again and I never left ❤️ "

Sina Fuchs Jacobsen / Copycatsclub

"For me it was always the best to rent out the Rover or Melter and see nothing but smiling faces coming back. Oh and there’s mini golf at almost every cable.  Pretty fucking sick. Triolago was probably the best, free haircuts at the booth, free drinks on Jerry, some weird throwing stick game with Simon, so many people testing boards and definitely the most interesting characters kept us busy all day.  I’ll never forget it."

Wesley Mark Jacobsen / Space Mob


From the USA: 

"Twelve down and four to go. We've came, we demoed, we partied, we..... You get the picture. The Summer of Sling Tour has taken on a larger-than-life personality in North America. Vibes have been at an all-time high, HUGE THANKS to the Cable Owners, Operators, Sling Pro Team, Customers, Bartenders, and Friends for making this happen. Whether you came and demoed a board, some boots, ate a burger, tried that new trick, or just drank a bev and shared in on the times. Summer of Sling wouldn't be the same without you all. Thank you for being the best part of Slingshot. Happy Shredding 🖖"

- Adam Sinclair / North American Sales Representative

"The Summer of Sling Tour has been all time! It's been a dream getting to hit the road with the team and see each parks take on cable wake. At the end of the day we share the same reason why. Those that get it, get it. And that's why we choose Sling. Thank you to everyone we crossed paths with, from park owners to first time riders and everybody in between. You all made this tour extremely special for us." 

Maxx Evan / Zuupack

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