Slingshot Wake - Lipsmack (2012)


It's been 10 years since we released Lipsmack - back when most people were still undecided whether or not "flex" was actually going to be a thing in wakeboarding... To us, Lipsmack marked a change in eras of wakeboarding and the passing of the baton from one generation to the next. It was the point at which we realized that we had the chance to be a leading brand in the wake industry and that there was a large enough segment of riders "just like us" who could relate to how we saw the future of wakeboarding panning out. Looking back now, our boards were too short, stances were too wide, shorts were too long, rails were covered in "Trex" and more - but the one thing that was the same as now is the energy and stoke for new possibilities. All we knew was wakeboarding was as fun as it had ever been, and we were on the edge of something new in the sport. Shredtown was opening our eyes to new possibilities, boat wakes were on the verge of doubling in size, and our phones weren't battling us for our free time nearly as much as now. LIPSMACK So, to celebrate here's a 10-year anniversary gift from Slingshot wake to all our friends, family, and supporters. And, let's also give some kudos to our trusty Brand Manager, Jeff Mckee, that has pushed and developed Slingshot Wake into what it is today! LIPSMACK is now FREE on YouTube for your viewing pleasure!

Jeff Mckee circa 2012