Sentry V2 Vs. Joystick V1

Sentry V2 Vs. Joystick V1

Discover the perfect kite control bar for your style at Slingshot Sports! Are you looking for all-around performance or more de-power and freedom with less parts for kite foiling? Our Sentry V2 and Joystick bars have you covered. Dive into the world of Slingshot control bars to explore the differences and find your ultimate kiteboarding companion.

Joystick V1


The Joystick prioritizes control and precision by minimizing the lines, bar, depower, floats, and even the size of the chicken loop. This streamlined design enhances the connection to the kite for optimal performance. You’ll end up feeling one with your kite while kite foiling.

Sentry V2

The Sentry V2 boasts upgrades such as SK99 lines which are thinner, stronger and have less stretch than our previous lines. The bar also features a sleeker grip, smaller floats, and improved leader lines. These enhancements make the bar lighter, more aerodynamic, and highly responsive. Your bar has never felt more trustworthy, durable, and limitless.


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