"Magnetic" featuring Jake Flynn and Dylan Mead

"Magnetic" featuring Jake Flynn and Dylan Mead

Always say yes to the adventure...that's our advice in the case you're interested. You see the best part about the wakeboarding community is their ability to welcome almost anyone from anywhere in the world to their homes with open arms. Pick a park anywhere in the world, book the flight, and let this common love for a sport we all share do the rest!

Magnetic is undoubtedly a testament to the perspective above - an inspirational travel + wakeboarding journey through Europe that is worth sitting down with the crew, cracking s fresh beverage and maybe even a bag or two of some Boom-Chika-POP while Dylan and Jake shred their way around Europe. 

From Dmeadia

"Follow Dylan Mead and Jake Flynn along for a once is a lifetime trip to Europe. Lunar cable park, Wakeboard street jam in Rotterdam, the Bricks, Wasserski lagenfeld, Infinite Camps, Wakepark Roermond and Wakepark Triolago were all stops on their adventures."

jake and Dylan's gear