Introducing the Jibber Category

Introducing the Jibber Category

On the cable we generally see two types of riders. The "Jibbers" and the "Senders." Jibbers are those with an affinity for the tech rail hits. They have laid back vibes, fun and creative rail approaches, playful butters, taps and more. The Senders - these are the more energetic and aggressive riding styles. Riders focused more endging hard, catching air, gapping big, hitting kickers, and more. 

Within the Slingshot line-up of products we found it helpful to categorize our products based on the above riding styles, and this week we're focused on the Jibbers category. These boards are generally built with softer flex patterns, minimal base features, and more durable sidewalls for the majority "right-side-up" riders ; ). 

Click play on the video above to see Jibbing in action from your favorite SLingshot riders and then head to to see the full line-up of Jibber category products. 

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