Big Air

The Big Air category from Slingshot has been tailor-made for the fearless, thrill-seeking kiteboarders who live for those heart-pounding moments of soaring through the sky. The Big Air category is for the rider who craves massive hangtime, jaw dropping jumps, and the rush of defying gravity with every session. Whether you're an experienced rider looking to push your limits or a newcomer eager to dive straight into the world of Big Air kiteboarding, the products in our Big Air category have been engineered to progress with you on your path to being the best Big Air rider at your beach.

This category is your ticket to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in Big Air kiteboarding. Whether you're a thrill-seeking Mega Looper or prefer big, floaty boosts with stylish board-offs. Our Big Air category includes kites, Twin Tips, and control bars designed to match your specific Big Air ambitions and elevate your kiteboarding experience to the next level.

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