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High-energy riding styles that leave no obstacle untouched and aren’t scared of a little hang-time

Senders Collection

Cable Wakeboarding Sender Slingshot Wakeboarding

What is a Sender?

Senders are the opposite of jibbers. They're the girls and guys at the park who may or may not have a few of screws loose. They're known for pushing the limits of what’s possible in the wake park and are typically never scared to be the first to attempt something new. Like a gap no one knew was possible, or a flip onto a rail that seems to be unheard of just a few years ago. Senders are the riders who figured out you could catch 10-15 feet of air from flat water. A sender simply loads the line, digging their edges into the water with so much force that the only way out is for the cable to rip them into the skies above. Senders go big and never back down from a challenge. Senders require the strongest boards with more pronounced channels for added grip on the water.