Beni's favorite gear


A note from Beni:

"I put about 8 months of planning into this Project with Lunar before actually starting the shoot. It was such a rad experience to be involved in the production side of it working hand in hand with Nathan Darby a.k.a. "Payday" behind the camera and Matty Muncey on the edit, as well as riding at my highest level.

The whole idea was to pretty much bring the Snow/Skate/Surf artistic production style into this Video since that is something you don’t really get to see that much in Wakeboarding.

Lunar Cable Park was definitely the pushing power behind the whole Project so I really cant thank them enough for the hospitality! It's the most welcoming place I’ve been outside of home. I just love the crew, love the park, love the place. Big ups to John Paul at Lunar for his passion and help and everyone else helping us behind the scenes"