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10 Years of Windsor


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James "Window" Windsor

It's hard to believe 10 years has passed since we welcomed James Windsor to Slingshot Wake. He's been doing laps around the world (see what we did there ; ) ever since. He arguably has visited more cable parks than any other rider in the sport and shared his love for wakeboarding with countless fans. "Window" as he has come to be known, can literally land at any airport in the world and by the days end have a place to ride and an open invitation to stay as long as he'd like. He's a professional "bringer of good vibes" who has certainly made his mark on cable wakeboarding over the past decade. For this reason, we celebrate 10 Years of Windsor with a one of a kind signature board and this mini-documentary. The film was directed and edited by good friend and longtime teammate, Steffen Vollert.