Z Kite

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The Z has been an instructor and kite-school favorite for years due to its user-friendly behavior, stability in even the worst wind conditions, amazing depower and ridiculously easy relaunch.

Package Includes:

Z Kite, Z Kite Backpack, Bladder Repair Kit, Quick-Start Guide

Z Kite

Z Kite

The magic of the Z comes in its low-aspect Spherical-C profile and pointed Axis Wingtips. This stubby shape, combined with a four-point cascading bridle setup, results in an extremely stable and well-behaved kite. “It’s a kite with no bad habits,” says Slingshot CEO Jeff Logosz. And don’t let the description fool you- the Z is great for beginners, but it is not a “beginner kite.” The Z boost big, unhooks well, loops with ease and has grown a reputation among experienced riders as a super-fun all-around freeride kite.

  • You’re a rider who wants the safest, most user-friendly kite possible without sacrificing performance or progression
  • Easiest relaunch of any kite around
  • Stable, predictable and smooth even in rough conditions
  • Great kite for entry-level progression
  • Turns fast, boosts big