2022 Space Mob

Strapped / Park / Custom Flex



2022 Space Mob Boot

Strapped / Park / Custom Flex

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The Space Mob boots are the chosen boots of the best cable wakeboarders in the world. They're the original two-piece cable-specific boots built to protect your feet while walking the shores and secure your feet while cruising through the park.

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Package Includes:Space Mob Boots, Space Mob Boot Liners, Gummy Straps, K9 Mounting Hardware

2022 Space Mob Boot

Strapped / Park / Custom Flex

2022 Space Mob Boot

Strapped / Park / Custom Flex

The Space Mob boot is the clear choice for any core cable wakeboarder. This boot is an evolution of our original two-piece boot system with removable liners that was introduced more than a decade ago. Fast forward to today and the Space Mob boot liners are the most popular forms of footwear at almost every wakepark in the world. The soft boot shells feature a removable tongue that allows riders to customize stiffness and combines with our signature Gummy Strap closure system for one of the most comfortable and supportive situations your feet have ever experienced.


When the most progressive cable crew in wake has an idea to make boots better... we LISTEN! Plain and simple, that's why we continue to dial in the Space Mob Boots.


  • Wearing the Space Mob boot liners to the park is like wearing a VIP backstage pass at your favorite concert.
  • High performance and comfort are guaranteed and that feeling of being "in the club" is an added bonus.

K9 Mounting System

Bottomless Base System

Gummy Strap Closure System

Built-In J Bars

Removable / Walkable Liners

Custom Flex Options

3D-Molded Tongue

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