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2022 Mothership

Classic / Fluid / Soul

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A nostalgic longboard inspired cruiser designed to be ridden with ease while exploring the deck-space with all 10 of those little piggies. Style points are everything and this shape is your cheat-code to the front of the running...

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2021 Mothership Wakesurfer, 6" (15.24 CM) longboard fin.

2022 Mothership

Classic / Fluid / Soul

This single fin sled is built for kicking back and focusing on smooth, fluid turns from rail to rail. With a pintail and surplus of deck space in the front, consider it an open invitation to explore the front end of the board and even wrap a few toes around the nose! The added surface area makes dropping deep into the back of the wave a breeze, giving you more space to express yourself in classic longboard fashion! If you've never surfed a single fin, prepare for a whole new outlook on the beauty of surfing's simplest maneuvers. Let the challenge to hang 5 begin! The Mothership makes the simple things more enjoyable and automatically grants you additional style points. Kick back, relax, and enjoy your smoothest turns to date!


We made the Mothership as a tribute to longboard surfing. This board is all about smooth & fluid turns and overall style points.


  • The single fin feeling is one of a kind, combined with the pintail to create a whole new pivot point for swinging the nose around.
  • The result: Smiles for miles...

Dual Step Down Rail Channels

Full EVE Deck Pad

Longboard Keel Fin

Mild Nose Rocker

Fast Rocker Lines

Pin Tail Design


Weight Variance: +-5% possible