2018 Crisis



2018 Crisis

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With a lighter, more flexible layup and a mild rocker profile, the Crisis is a predictable and approachable board that inspires confidence for riders who need it most. As you progress, a vertica...

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Package Includes:

Crisis deck, (4) 2" kite fins, Grab handle

2018 Crisis

2018 Crisis

  • Dependable, user-friendly performance
  • Light weight, soft flex
  • Mild rocker great for cruising and entry-level riding
  • A sure bet for beginners
  • Wood core provides lively feel and durability

The Crisis is an excellent choice for beginners, kite schools and mellow riders who don’t need the high-performance technical features of a more advanced board. While not a “beginner-specific” board, the soft, forgiving feel is of most benefit to a more mellow level of riding.